20190702【G20茨城つくば貿易・デジタル経済大臣会合サポート事業/EN,JP】広く豊穣な国土に恵まれ、文化芸術を愛しファッショナブルで優雅な国 《フランス》ぐるなび×ボンジュール フランス:ディナーイベント開催!

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[G20 Ibaraki Tsukuba Trade Digital Economic Minister meeting support business] Blessed with a wide and rich land, loving culture and art. [France]


Speaking of France, everyone will surely be reminded of a beautiful and elegant country, with daily activities such as enjoying the beautiful city of Paris, first-class brand fashion, gastronomic French cuisine, wine and cafes.

●パリの街並み/the streets of Paris

【今のフランス精神に繋がる歴史/ History that leads to the French Spirit now】

9世紀初期頃この辺りは一度フランク王国として統一され、その後西フランク王国→フランス 東フランク王国→ドイツ 中フランク王国→イタリアと3国に分かれ、それぞれの道を歩むこととなりました。

In ancient Roman times, the area that corresponds to present France was called “Galia” where Celts live. In the early 9th century this area was once unified as the Frankish Kingdom, and then it was divided into three countries, West Frankish Kingdom → France East Frankish Kingdom → Germany Middle Frankish Kingdom → Italy, and it was decided to walk on each path.
The French Revolution has been held in the late 18th century when people revolted against the king and won citizenship. Citizens seem to have exchanged information by exchanging in the cafe which became widespread this time. Enjoying a relaxed story in the spirit and cafe that won freedom with their own power in this revolution is still passed on to the daily life of the French people. Such history is also recognized as freedom of religion, and the three colors of the French flag represent, and the policy of freedom, equality, and love has greatly influenced the formation of French culture and spirit.

●フランス国旗「自由・平等・博愛」French flag “freedom equality fraternity”

Standing on the hill in Montmartre, Paris, a white temple named ” Sacre Coeur”.

● “Saint-Martin Canal” A 4.5 km canal that lasts from Bastille in Paris to the of water field. Napoleon invented and completed to get through the cargo ship. In the popular French movie “Améri”, she uses her favorite stone cutter here.

【世界三大料理「フランス料理」/ World three big cuisines “French cuisine”】


“French cuisine”, “Chinese cuisine” and “Turkish cuisine” are collectively referred to as the world’s three largest cuisines. The origin of Italian cuisine, the characteristic of French cuisine is the source, and its taste has been pursued and has been refined and refined.


The French-style arrangement method and table manners are said to have become the world standard for fine cuisine, as it is believed that Russian French court cooks have begun to keep their dishes cold.
Major meals are foie gras, truffles, escargots, Jibie(wild animal meat), white asparagus, etc. There are as many cheeses and one cheese coming from a small village is said to be the world’s finest quality. Many wines, bread and seafood are also eaten, and variations of French cuisine are spread all over the world.


Sauces include mayonnaise, Dimigrass sauce like beef stew, and American sauce with crustacean miso. There are many menu names such as Consomme Soup, Terrine, Pot au feu, Rillettes (Pate), etc.
The sweets also range from Canelet, Galette, Madeleine and macarons.

【芸術性の高い美しい数々の文化/ A beautiful variety of culture in craftman ship】

■何故ファッションの中心地に?/ Why are you in the center of fashion?


France has become a nation of sovereignty since the French Revolution, and the freedom of democracy, speech, and expression has been secured. During the second world war, women have become worker to replace the men gone to the battlefront. This era is the background of Coco Chanel and few people complain about the clothing hobby of women who support France. At the same time, a lot of global brands have been launched.

●映画『ココ・アヴァン・シャネル』The movie “Coco Van Chanel” ➡

■広い国土を持つフランス、人工物もスケールが大きい!/ France with wide land, the scale is also big!

パリから西へ行ったところにある都市「ナント」。芸術を愛するフランス、こちらの都市を拠点とする、「La Machine ラ・マシン」 と云う巨大機械人形創作で興行を行う非営利団体は、蜘蛛、象、人形他にも大変大きくてユニークな機械を製作披露し、人々を楽しませています。2009年には日本の横浜開港150周年の記念イベント「開国博Y150」のプレイベントにも参加致しました。

The city “Nantes” is located just west of Paris. Art-loving France-based non-profit organization based in this city called “La Machine” is a non-profit organization that produces and sells huge machine dolls, and it is a very large and unique machine for whales, elephants, dolls and others. They show off production and entertain people. In 2009, we also participated in the pre-event of the Opening Country Expo Y150 commemorating the 150th anniversary of Japan’s Yokohama Port Opening.

●「La Machine ラ・マシン」”La machine la machine” ➡ http://www.lamachine.fr/

■大変親日国なフランス/ A Very Pro-Japanese country France

そして、海外では最大規模と言える、日本文化の総合博覧会「Japan Expo」がいよいよ7月4日~7日までパリの パリ・ノール・ヴィルパント展示会場で開催されます。


Last year in 2018, the year of the 160th anniversary of the relationship between France and Japan, the “Japonism 2018” was held for the long-term event, and the Japanese people of the genre were performed on the ground
And, the largest exhibition in Japan, “Japan Expo”, which is one of the largest in the world, will be held from July 4th to 7th at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Hall in Paris.
This year commemorating the 20th anniversary, very luxurious guests are enjoying themselves and many booths will be exhibited from all over the world. The very high quality of the cosplayer and the size of the work is very impressive, it is overwhelmed. It is a very highlight event, so why not join us?

●Japan Expo➡ https://www.japan-expo-paris.com/en/

2019 Official Photos

【見どころ満載、観光大国1位の貫禄/ Full of sights, 1st place of the tourism superpower】

あらゆる国から人が訪れる、観光客数世界第1位 (8,260万人) 、ユネスコ世界遺産登録数も世界第4位の観光大国のフランス。

France is the world’s No. 1 tourist destination (82.60 million people), visited by people from all countries, and the world’s fourth-largest tourist country in the world with the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites registered.

■世界文化遺産/ World Cultural Heritage


French cultural heritage is a crystal of a long history and a passion for art, and about 750 cultural properties are currently registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. France’s museums and museums, like the Louvre, have a special collection that represents the world’s art history and the major schools of French painting of the 19th and 20th centuries. France is also the birthplace of films, producing great writers and composers, as well as prominent directors, actors and actresses all over the world.


UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE “Mont-Saint Michel” is the most famous Catholic pilgrimage area in France, located in the Normandy region in the North-West of France.


UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE “New Caledonia” France’s overseas territory located in the South Pacific. This barrier reef and lagoon of the 2nd scale in the world have been registered to the world natural heritage in 2008.

■美しい観光地の数々/ A lot of beautiful tourist attractions


“Le Bec-Hellouin” the most beautiful village of France, followed by the lovely wooden homes in the Normandy region.


Colombage-style buildings unique to the Alsace region, such as the townscape of a half-timbered house miraculously escaped from the “Colmar”, and the cobblestone-like buildings, were chosen as the setting for beauty and the beast, and they came to a fairyland. It is a beautiful city with an illusion of heel.


The contrast with the blue of the sea near “Pila Sand Dune” is also beautiful, and the sand is very smooth, and it is a white sand dune that overlooks Arcachon Bay in Gironde.


● “Côte d’Azur” The popular resort area of the Côte d’Azur region, surrounded by the blue Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, attracts tourists from around the world. It is also the place of Cannes Film Festival, an annual film festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries from all around the world founded in 1946.


It is a traditional spa resort that is well-known by the name of “Evian Les Bains” “Pearl of Lake Reman”. There are mineral springs all over the corner of the street, and natural waters spring out to moisten people.


■在日フランス大使館 経済部 持続可能開発担当参事官を務めるルデュ・ステファン氏による、この度のG20に先駆け軽井沢で行われた、持続可能な成長エネルギー転換と地球環境に関する会合の報告を、下記で閲覧する事が出来ます。(掲載許可、誠にありがとうございました。)

Mr Stéfan Le Dû, Counselor for Sustainable Development Ministry of Economics Embassy of France in Japan reports on the meeting on sustainable growth energy conversion and global environment discussed in Karuizawa ahead of G20. (Thank you for allowing that putting your link on this site.)


■ぐるなび×ボンジュール フランス:フレンチガストロノミーを讃えるディナーイベント開催!

●公式HP➡ https://diner-gourmand.jp/

●BONJOUR FRANCE➡ https://bonjourfranceccifj.com/ja/


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