20190518【PRESS NEWS/EN,JP】avexが最先端のテクノロジーと日本の伝統文化が融合した次世代ショーコンテンツを発表!〜 世界屈指の忍者エンタテインメントショー・XRを駆使した超没入型ライヴ演出 〜

20190513 [Press News / En, JP] Presenting the next-Generation show content fused with the cutting edge technology and Japanese traditional culture ~ the world’s one-of-a-kind ninja entertainment show. Super immersive live performance with XR ~

Avex Co Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Masato Matsuura, below: Avex) is a ninja by world level music, dance and performance as a next-generation show content fused with cutting edge technology and Japanese traditional culture. We have announced a super immersive live performance with the entertainment show and the cutting edge technology, such as XR.

当社は、今後より活発化していくインバウンド市場に向けた”次世代エンタテインメント”として、2018年に『NINJA PROJECT』と『AR LIVE SOLUTION』を発表しました。前者は世界屈指の忍者パフォーマンス集団として、後者はXR(サイバー空間)領域のプラットフォームとして、様々な取組みを行って参りました。今回発表した次世代ショーコンテンツは、インバウンド市場における当社のクリエイティヴ・ソリューションの、現時点における集大成となります。
We have announced, “NINJA PROJECT ” and ” AR LIVE SOLUTION ” in 2018 as the ” next generation entertainment ” which is going to be more active in the upcoming inbound market. The former is the world’s leading ninja performance group, and the latter has been doing various activities as a platform in the XR (Cyber Space) area. The next generation show content announced this time will be a compilation at the moment of our chestnut solution in the inbound market.

The Ninja Entertainment show was formed in collaboration with the trailblazer of extreme sports and the leading dancers, including ” Tricking ” ” Parkour “Wall Trampoline ” and ” Street workout ” which are known as the modern version of ninja, The World’s best-class show by an unprecedented performance group can enjoy an acrobatic and fantastic entertainment as if you ignore gravity.

超没入型ライヴは、AR 技術「ACRONS」「ALiS zero」を活用した、AI やバーチャルアーティストが登場し、リアルタイムでのパフォーマンスとインタラクション(会場とのコミュニケーション)を実現した、世界最高峰のAR LIVE SOLUTIONとなります。2019年秋には、多種多様なAIやバーチャルアーティストなどのキャラクターたちが、一堂に会する世界初の「CHARACTER MUSIC FESTIVAL(XR LIVE FESTIVAL)」を開催予定です。
A super immersive live is the world’s best AR live solution, where AI and virtual artists have been using AR technology ” ACRONS ” and ” ALiS zero” and realize their real-time performance and interactions (communication with the venue). Will be. In the fall of 2019, characters such as various AI and virtual artists will be holding the world’s first “CHARACTER MUSIC FESTIVAL(XR LIVE FESTIVAL)” in Japan.

From now on, the development of new Japanese Tourism Resources (Global IP), which has been comprehensively promoting entertainment and experience, including music, dance, anime, and development of human resources. And I’m going to work hard on the local creation that took advantage of them.

▷ 次世代ショーコンテンツ概要
▷ Next-Generation show content summary
Ninja entertainment to promote Japan Ninja Council and avex. Good at “move” as if ignoring gravity, and formed by the leading dancer, including ” Tricking “” Parkour “” Wall Trampoline ” and ” Street workout ” as a modern version of ninja, and the top-notch dancer, The World’s best-class ninja entertainment show by an unprecedented performance group formed by collaboration with was.

The popular “Ninja” from overseas, combining elements of various entertainment, established as an IP representing Japan, and the creative content for inbound markets in the region of the ninja area that many people exist in various places in Japan. I’m going to expand it.

1人複数役ではなく複数人1役という発想で、1人の忍者を様々なプロフェッショナルが演じることにより、忍者の超人性を表現しています。第1幕は、立体音響と(360度という概念よりもっと多次元な)球状視点による超没入型のショー。17人1役で1人の忍者が次々に分身を繰り返しながら、重力から解放されたかのような動きで魅せる『ZERO GRAVITY』。
< The sights of the show >
The idea of one person, not multiple roles, is the concept of a ninja’s superhuman by a variety of professional. Act 1 is a super immersive show with stereoscopic acoustics (More Multi-dimensional than the concept of 360 degrees). Seventeen people play one ninja, repeating one after another, repeat their self, and move with movement as if they were released from gravity. “ZERO GRAVITY”.

ACT 2 is the world famous magic (magic from ancient times in Japan). Daiki Fujiyama appears as a spy (Spy). After that, by tracking the movement of limbs by the motion technology, the laser is projecting towards the wrist and ankle, and it is connected to the media art “i_to” that looks like a marionette.

第3幕は、透明スクリーンを用いたAR DANCEショー。リアルなダンサーと、バーチャルなダンサーとエフェクトが溶け合う新感覚のAR体験。
Act 3 AR dance show with a transparent screen. A new sensory ar experience with real dancers and virtual dancers and effects melting.

The show is not clearly separate from the stage and the audience, and the stage will be the audience at the time, and the audience will be on stage in reverse. Act 4 will be the finale that all of them will be aggregated, an unexpected perspective and immersive.

(Ninja project trailer video)➡

< Future expansion >
The popular “Ninja” from overseas will be established as an IP representing Japan, and it will grow as a local creation entertainment content for the inbound market in the area with ninjas, which is a large number of places in Japan.

Good at “move” as if ignoring gravity, the leading dancers such as ” Tricking ” and ” Parkour ” ” Wall Trampoline” and ” Street workout “, expressed as the modern version of ninja and top-notch dancers formed an unprecedented performance group by collaboration with. We aim for the realization of the best show in the world.

2019年、夏からは「トリッキング」と「パルクール」のアスリートを中心に、初の「NINJA PROJECT」パフォーマンス・ツアーを予定。全国津々浦々で、次世代のNINJAパフォーマンスを披露します
In 2019, from the summer, we will have the first ” NINJA PROJECT ” performance tour in the center of ” Tricking ” and ” Parkour ” athletes. We will perform the next generation ninja performance all over the country.

「忍者×エンタテインメント」をキーワードに、エイベックスが培ってきたエンタテインメントのノウハウと、日本忍者協議会が持つ忍者の知見を融合させ、忍者という文化や歴史をグローバルに振興させることを目的とする事業プロジェクト。日本最大級の野外ライヴイベント「a-nation 2018」に、世界屈指のアスリートたちが集結した忍者パフォーマンス集団としてメインステージに出演。重力を無視した回転技を次々と披露。2019年には、気鋭のシンガーを迎え、アーティストデビューもしております。

“Ninja x entertainment” is a business project that aims to promote the culture and history of ninja, which has been developed by avex, and the Japanese Ninja Council to combine the knowledge of ninja with the Japanese Ninja Council. Japan’s largest outdoor live event “A-Nation 2018” appeared on the main stage as a ninja performance group gathered by the world’s greatest athletes. We’re showing off the gravity of gravity, one after another. In 2019, we have an amazing singer, and we have an artist’s debut.
➡ https://www.ninja-project.jp/

忍者パフォーマンス集団「Blood Will Tell(赤組)」「Darkest Before Dawn(黒組)」
Ninja performance group ” blood will tell (Red group) “” words before Dawn (Black group) “
➡ https://avexnet.jp/news/detail.php?id=1002227

Regarding the Japan Ninja Council.
The World’s only ninja official organization, composed of municipalities, etc. In 2020, we aim for the world of ninja brands in all Japan, including countries, local governments, universities, and citizens.

AR 技術「ACRONS」「ALiS zero」を活用した AI やバーチャルアーティスト等が登場する超没入型ライヴ。Panasonic、ユークス、映像センターとの協働で、後述する「ARP」からダイヤとレイジによるユニット「REBEL CROSS」のリアルタイム・パフォーマンスおよびお客様とのコミュニケーション(リアルタイムなインタラクション)を実現した、世界最高峰のAR LIVE SOLUTIONを、初公開します。また、関係各社の協力を得て、バーチャルシンガーやAIが登場する超没入型ライヴAR LIVEのデモンストレーションも実施します。
A super immersive live that will appear in ai, virtual artists, etc. Using AR technology ‘ ACRONS’ and ‘ ALiS zero ‘. The World’s highest-performance AR live with Panasonic, Yux, and the video center, the real-time performance of the unit ” Rebel Cross ” by diamond and rage, and communication (Real-time interactions) of the unit ” Rebel Cross ” (in real time), from the ” ARP I will publish a solution for the first time. Also, the demonstration of the super-immersive live ar live, which has a virtual singer and ai, is also available with the cooperation of the relevant company.


Not only is the virtual youtuber of the topic, but also a virtual singer such as ai (Artificial Intelligence), AR artist, and more, a live performance solution for all characters, including anime and game characters, including anime and games (play without music), including) aim for social implementation.

2019年秋には、これまで同じステージに立つことのなかった多種多様なAIやバーチャルアーティストなどのキャラクターたちが、一堂に会する世界初の「CHARACTER MUSIC FESTIVAL(XR LIVE FESTIVAL)」を開催予定です。
In Autumn 2019, characters such as various ai and virtual artists that have never stood on the same stage will be held in the world’s first ” Character Music Festival (XR LIVE FESTIVAL) I’m planning to.

エイベックスは、これまでに、世界的なファッションブランドとのコラボレーションによるARコンテンツ(2013)、YKBXによるオキュラスリフトを用いた世界初のVR ミュージックビデオ(2014)、Google ChromeとのコラボレーションによるインタラクティヴWEBコンテンツ(2015)、Panasonicとのコラボレーションによる世界最大のエレクロニクス見本市CES(ラスベガス開催)でのAR LIVEソリューション「ACRONS」(2018) など、世界に先駆けてXR分野のエンタメ領域活用を推進して参りました。さらには、ユークスによる「ALiS zero」という最先端AR技術を用いた現代版デジタル人形浄瑠璃とも言えるARアーティスト「ARP」をデビューさせ、まるで実在するかのような錯覚を生む存在感と臨場感を持つ最新ARライヴを継続して展開。人気を博すと共に、地上波TVの情報番組を含む様々なメディアにも取り上げられております。

Avex Inc. has so far been the world’s first VR music video (2013), with a collaboration with Google Chrome, the world’s first VR music video (2014), by collaboration with the global fashion brand. Web Content (2015), the world’s largest elemental exhibition by collaboration with Panasonic, the ar live solution “ACRONS” (2018) in the world of the XR, and the XR area of the XR field, including the world. I’ve come to promote the use. In addition, the latest AR with the sense of existence and sense of existence, which can be used as the ” ALiS zero ” of the modern version of ” ALiS zero ” by Yux, which is also known as the modern digital Ningyo Jyoruri puppet. Live and expand the live. We are also featured in various media, including the TV program, with the popularity of the popular TV.

From now on, with partners, live performance of real artists, AR live of popular virtual characters. We will activate live entertainment in AR area, such as the realization of the show that will be met in front of the legendary person.

2019.5.13 エイベックス株式会社(Avex Inc.)


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