20180730【HYPER JAPAN】『HYPER JAPAN 2018』Special Event Reports④

2018年7月13日~15日までイギリスのオリンピアロンドンで行われた『HYPER JAPAN 2018』。
その模様をFVJcrewとして、トランスレーター・Akiko Tweenさんが独自の目線でレポート!


初めてHYPER JAPANに行った感想をレポートしたいと思います。
I visited HYPER JAPAN for the first time!

個人的に驚いたのが、来場者数の多さと、みなさんの日本大好き度! アニメ、ゲーム、日本食、音楽……それぞれ興味の対象は様々ですが、多くのブースが賑わっていました。
Personally, I was really surprised with the number of people there and how much they are into Japan and Japanese culture. Their interests could range from Anime, games, food to music, and most of the booths were filled with excited guests.

いちばん印象に残ったのは、グルテンフリーやベジタリアン食材の美味しさでした。ベジタリアンの方々にとっては、都内の一部のお店をのぞいては、外食はなかなか難しいオプションではないでしょうか。今回HYPER JAPANのブースで初めて、日本やアジアの企業がそうした食品に力を入れるようになってきたことを知りました。
The most inspiring thing for me was how well-made and tasty all the Japanese gluten-free and vegetarian food options were. It’s especially encouraging because I always thought Japan would be one of the countries where it would be difficult for vegetarians to live or travel around. But in recent years Japanese and other Asian companies have been exploring this area and there are more and more choices available now.

Harro Foods主催のJapan Food Showです。
This is Japan Food Show presented by Harro Foods.

This is Ueman Rice Starch and Panko. These “Panko” are made from 100% Japanese rice, with no secondary ingredients or additives. This unique product offers a distinctive crunch that’s quite different from standard wheat flour-based panko that is typically
used for making Katsu or Ebi fry (fried shrimp) and so on.

Official HP ➡ http://www.kona-ya.com/item/komeko.html

These are vegan gyoza made with Akita Prefecture rice and soybeans, which is gluten-free and contains no animal products! I tried these and they were as tasty as pork Gyoza. Oishii!

Gyoza Keikaku Co., Ltd
Distributed by Harro Foods (I heard they would be available this winter)

こちらのわさびは業務用に販売されているもので、シャキッとした食感と辛さが絶妙にマッチし、大変美味しかったです! 「カネク」は、熟成した生ゆずの外皮を棒状に刻んで凍結した、無添加無着色の刻み生ゆずも取り扱っています。
Here’s super authentic (and spicy!) Wasabi. The quality is the same as those that are available in sushi restaurants in Japan. They also produce frozen Japanese Yuzu peel, made with the peel of yuzu grown in the Shikoku and Kyushu regions of Japan. It is frozen fresh and not subject to any heat treatment. Also, it doesn’t contain any colourings or additives…perfect for yuzu lovers.

Official HP ➡ www.kaneku-wasabi.co.jp


HYPER JAPAN 2日目には、喜田家による和菓子作りの実演を観ることができました! 和菓子職人の中西さんは、子どもの頃、外国人の方々がデザートからあんこを抜き取っている様子を見て「自分はこんなにあんこが好きなのになぜ!? 海外の人たちにも和菓子のすばらしさを広めたい!」と決意したそうです。和菓子の素晴らしさが世界中に広まることを願っています。このデモンストレーションに関して詳しくは、別ページのHYPER JAPANレポートを参照してください。

On the second day, I had a chance to attend the demonstration by a traditional Wagashi (Japanese sweets) maker called Kitaya. The Wagashi chef, Mr. Nakanishi said that when he was little, he saw people from Europe got rid of Anko (bean paste) from their desserts. That’s when he decided to become a Wagashi chef to introduce Wagashi to Western countries. I hope more people in Europe will enjoy these Japanese traditional sweets. See here

参照Link ➡

20180725【HYPER JAPAN】『HYPER JAPAN 2018』Special Event Reports ②

My article focuses mainly on food at HYPER JAPAN but I also saw martial arts demonstrations, Sanshin (an Okinawan musical instrument, a precursor of Shamisen), a completely new genre of music by Hatenkohro, and I even saw Randsel (Japanese school backpacks) were on sale! It was an eye-opening experience to look at Japanese culture and products from a different perspective.

I think HYPER JAPAN deserves a huge round of applause!

文・翻訳・写真/Akiko Tween 写真/ataca maki

※”Big Clappy”とは … バイバイワールド株式会社が贈る、拍手で世界を元気にする・拍手ロボット!

Official HP ➡ https://www.byebyeworld.co.jp/https://www.bigclappy.com/




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